Subway complaint: Did not receive my order or refund

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My complaint:

I ordered online through the subway app and paid with a subway gift card and scheduled delivery. An hour and fifteen minutes later received a text saying my delivery would soon arrive but it never came. About thirty minutes later I contacted the restaurant after checking the app and seeing that the status was showing as delivered, and a very rude girl, “Jeanetta”, answered and she explained once the delivery driver took the order it was completely out of their hands they did their job. I could either come pick it up and they could give me the food back, but they couldn’t refund my subway gift card. I told her this was extremely unfair because I didn’t use a third party, I ordered through their app! So I felt like this is who they contracted out and it was most certainly Subways responsibility until I received my food. I couldn’t drive all the way to New Orleans, I had a sick child and my car has a leak in the radiator right now which is why I scheduled delivery in the first place. She acted like I was trying to get something for free and I wasn’t. I just wanted either my food or the credit back. $43 is a lot of money to not get anything. I have proof of the payment I can upload, but it is also available on the app so it is easy to locate. My order number is 1C5E7D9D EA. I just didn’t like how the girl kept saying it was out of their hands and not their fault at all, because no although they may not have stolen it, someone certainly didn’t deliver it to me and that is not good customer service.

Suggested solution:

I’d really like to be credited the money back on my gift card and it would be nice if the store would acknowledge and apologize to me.

Did not receive my order or refund
Did not receive my order or refund
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