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on 07 February 2021 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

One of your cashier employees (Vicky), whom was not at her assigned register and left her light on (the light is supposed to be turned off when she is not at the cashier checkout) was not wearing her required name tag, thus breaching the store company policy and protocol for all employees. Accordingly, when I went to the manager, Michael to report this infraction, he responded in a very insolent, patronizing and belligerent manner, stipulating You don’t have to know her name…you’re not entitled to anything.. He is an extremely rude, arrogant, insolent, brazen and insidiously subjective-oriented person who ceases to amaze me. Instead of saying I’m sorry about that, I’ll remind her to make sure she wears her name tag in case other people have a complaint against her, as well as to make sure that she turns her light off when she’s doing her personal shopping, he brushed me off in a rude manner without addressing the issue.

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

Have the cashiers be attentive to their registers when the light is on and ensure that the cashiers are fully identifiable in the event of a possible breach of store policy, as well as a customer complaint. secondly, and more imperatively crucial, have the managers address the issues with the store employees, instead of acting in a disparaging manner when customers report a breach of service protocol by the employees.

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