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on 29 August 2021 about Stop and Shop in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

This message will probably go to some customer service person that doesn’t care..I want it to go to the corporate regional manager…I went shopping yesterday and went to check out at self service…you change the system…I hate it..I had such a hard time and never want to go threw some machine telling me I didn’t scan an item..or stopping all the time…I hate your new treats your customers like there theives ..why don’t you check out your employees..I’ve seen them take food and cook it up in back of store and eat it..I’ve seen employees mark down meat and have there family’s come in and get it from them..Ive seen employees eating and using your food items then marking down the product that was left…so don’t take it out on the customers…I feel like your treating your customers like there thiefs..I don’t like a computer program bot telling me how to check out…I will not be using this system no more and I will not be going in your store to shop if that’s the way it’s gonna be..not all customers are thief’s…but now we are treated like we have a Camara and a person standing there to watch what more do you need…now you got this God awful bot system that won’t let you check your items out…and is always saying you didn’t scan an item when you did..and controlling you…I don’t need a machine to controll me when I shop…so whomever you paid thousands of dollars to implement this system was a waste if money I think…I would never treat my customers like that..I don’t care if other stores have this system…it won’t stop employees from stealing..and it will continue to target the good customers….I want this complaint to go too top person In company…I think it’s McGowen…I hate your system and would rather go to another market…if I have to deal with this insane computer bot…the only way you could solve this problem is to change it back…when you have a good thing why change such an insult to be treated in this matter…

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Suggested solution:

Change system back and improve that one..

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