Complaint: Automatic Conversion USD to EUR

on 17 February 2022 about Skrill in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

On 17th Feb, I withdrawed USD from Binance via the P2P (peer to peer) service. This is when Binance facilities an exchange of crypto currency directly with users.

The person sent me $1700 approx in USD. This was received by Skrill and automatically transferred into EUR.

This incurred a 4.49% fee. I immediately called Skrill to understand why I was charged this amount. I was told that my account was set to EUR so the transfer from USD to EUR happens automatically unless I have a secondary currency listed.

Since my account was not verified yet, I couldn’t see anywhere to create this secondary currency, it was extremely confusing to me to double and triple check that I could even receive USD.

I tried to check account settings but it wasn’t clear that this is the process.

Once I called, I requested that this transaction from USD to EUR be reversed, since Skrill themseleves did this transfer it makes sense that they are able to undo it?

However I was told that the only option is to cancel the transaction entirely, since I did this on Binance P2P, this is extremely risky for me as the person may not actually return my crypto.

I would politely request Skrill to NOT cancel the transaction (i.e do NOT send the USD back to sender) but rather refund the transfer fee from USD to EUR or simply reverse this transaction (the USD to EUR one that happened on Skrill).

The basis of this is an act of good will, given it was not clear to me that this fee was applicable, and I made reasonable attempts to ensure that USD funds could be received directly into my account without hindrance.

Please let me know when a suitable resolution can occur?

Please also note that this complaint will be forwarded to the Financial Ombudsman Service if not resolved in a timely manner. In addition, this complaint has been published on and will be distributed online if we are unable to come to a proper solution.

I appreciate the hard work that Skrill do, and I genuinely believe they have the best interests of the customer at heart. I’m confident that we will come to a good solution, but I need to be firm in the actions I will take.

Warm regards,


Suggested solution:

Refund of the transaction fee andor reversal of the conversion from EUR to USD.

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