Shoppers Drug Mart complaint: Shoppers Pharmacy short changed my prescription

Complaint from Eily reported on 05 February 2024 about Shoppers Drug Mart

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My complaint:

I was at the SHN for surgerty and gave the RX to the SDM pharmacy at the SHN to fill it. My Rx was for 30 tabs but the pharmacist gave me only 20 tabs. I realized that he short changed me after i came home. I called him on Feb 1/24 and spoke to the pharmacist on the phone. He denied giving me 10 tabs less than my RX.
My prescription is Oxycodone for pain post surgery.
I don’t need the remaining pain meds, but just don’t want this pharmacist to take meds from other patients in the future.

Suggested solution:

They should speak to the pharmacist and see if there are other patients that has similar complaints. It seems to be very hard to file a complain with SDM. I don't need the extra pain meds. But just angry that a pharmacist that should be trusted is violating patient trust.

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