Complaint: Poor Customer Service

on 11 April 2021 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

On April 10, 2021 I did some shopping at the above mentioned store. I had purchased Cadbury Mini Eggs (33g bag). The sign on the cart said 50% off. When i got home and checked my receipt it rang in at .89 per bag. I called the store and asked if this was the sale price. The customer service rep told me to come to the store and look for myself. It would have taken her a minute to get me the price. (it is not a huge store) Rather she basically told me to get in my car, drive 20 minutes, and go in the store.
This is NOT good customer service! I work in retail and if any of my employees were to treat a customer as I was treated, they would not have a job. With our economy the way it is, I feel it is important to keep your customers satisfied, as they can easily go somewhere else. Word of mouth can go both ways. Called at 4:18pm Apr 10, 2021

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Suggested solution:

1. talk with this person about customer service
2. apologize to the customer
3. get the customer the answer, as asked

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