Complaint: I was embarrassed by the staff

on 15 April 2021 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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I came to the drugstore to pick up my bubble pack medication that I have been doing for 5 years with the same drug store.The staff blurted me that I did not pay my Bubble pack last February or March this year.My cardiologists told them to add The pills called “Forxiga”.At that time the staff who handed me the bubble pack of my medicine charged me $26. I paid her in cash,I handed her $50.I was embarrassed by the staff on April 14,2021 at around 5 or so pick up my 4 bubble pack as always.She blurted I have to pay $63.24 because I did not pay last time.I told her I paid $26..She said I never paid.People are behind me and heard what she was saying.She never explained it was the “Forsiga “ meds that was not paid.She just said I did not pay my meds last time.I got home and checked the bill and I saw it was the bill for Forsiga.It was not my fault that I did not pay it.It was the staff she did not included the Forsiga when I paid last time.I was so upset for what the staff telling me I did not pay for my meds last time.People looked at me and were disgusted including my friend I came there for.I called the store and explained them but they did not even apologize for their mistake.
I have been a customer for years with Shoppers drug Mart and it’s a shame this staff are not responsible for their own mistakes.
Erlinda Miles

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I need a written apology from them.This is the third time they made mistakes.

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