Complaint: no customer service from ANY staff there at all RUDE ALL OVER THE STORE

on 21 September 2020 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I was there to purchase a blood pressure monitor and the revitive ultrasound machine. I called to ask about monitors and I was told there were several there I asked about the Life Brand 12 and Bios 12 which I was told were both there along with the ultrasound machine.

When I arrived at the store the pharmacist was rude saying she had no idea about the machines, the Life brand model was not there. I needed help finding the ultrasound machine, they were rude about that.

As I also neeed bandaids for blisters I searched for the bandaids and could not find the ones for blisters. I asked for help and I was told where the bandaids were that I could find them there, the staff member had no interest in helping me so I said screw it I’ll get them at anohter location where my friend could help me.

At the cash the rude cashier had the nerve to aske me if I had waited in line and I was pissed by than and I asked (not so nicely) where the line was. Finally the customer behind me said I was there before her and I then let the cashier know I wasn’t impressed with my experience.

I cashed in my points. I had to pay almost $100.00 as there was a lot of tax. Had the machine I wanted been there I would have paid less. I also had planned on buying a couple packages of bandaids, shoe inserts and the gel for the ultrasound machine which would have meant I would have been able to use a coupon to get 20x the points for spending $50.00 after I cashed in my points. I had to go to the Joseph Howe location to speak to their pharmacist and home health care staff to help get the rest of my stuff. They helped me find the rest but did not have blood pressure monitors.

I am leaving in a few minutes to return the two machines to the Mumford store and I am telling you they better not be rude this time. I do not feel comfortable using a product purchased at a store where non of the employees could be cordual to me or even a tiny bit polite.

I am a person who is partially sighted and it is darn noticable when you look at me.

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Suggested solution:

I would like for you to give EVERY SINGLE EMOLOYEE at that store training on A) your products and B) how to treat customers. It isn't just one department, its the whole store. That actually used to be a decent store but something has happended and it seems like more and more Shoppers are turning into a business I no longer wish to support.

I thought Spring Garden and Wise Road were the only poor locations but they are all getting worse.

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