Complaint: Bad conduct and irresponsibility of Shapers pharmacy staff

on 22 October 2021 about Shoppers Drug Mart in category Pharmacy

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My complaint:

I am writing this email to you to complain about the misconduct and irresponsibility of the pharmacist at the 9156 Yang Street Shoppers Store.
Today, according to the doctor’s prescription and due to the urgent need for medicine, I first went to the Shapers in Hill Crest, who said that they did not have the medicine. Then I went to Shoppers 9156 Young Street. One of the staff members said after taking my prescription (at 5:45 pm), Come back an hour later to get the medicine. So I went and came back at 7:15 pm and asked for the medicine. The employee who took my prescription was not present, and another colleague, after a 10-minute search, finally told me that your medicine would be ready tomorrow or Monday. I protested why I went back and forth in this rainy weather without a car, and now you are not giving me medicine, contrary to the previous promise, and who is responsible for this inconsistency and unplanned news. Again, some of the pharmacy staff started calling other stores, and finally, after 25 minutes of waiting (ie 35 minutes from the time I entered the store), they said you can go and get the medicine from Shapers Algin Mills. While I was not able to do that at night at that time without a vehicle and in rainy weather with a bad mood. And in fact, more than 2 hours of my time was wasted for no reason by the staff of this store. So I said give me back my copy so I can get it from somewhere else. I expected the pharmacy manager or the staff there to apologize to me for their negligence and irresponsibility, which unfortunately was not the case, but they returned the prescription to me apathetically. However, as a customer, I expect employees of a big brand like Shapers to provide the necessary customer service training to their employees.

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Suggested solution:

They have to make up for their carelessness and wasted my time( more than two hours):
1- They prepared the medicine and sent it to me
2- They apologized to me for their negligence

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