Shopify complaint: Your customer service team doesn’t resolve problems

on 19 November 2022 about Shopify in category Software

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My complaint:

I hav a simple problem that needs solving: my email address needs to be changed from [email protected] to [email protected] The problem is with the email address [email protected] which keeps getting an error message because of a Shopify glitch.

I have spoken with over 10 Shopify reps, you have sent me switch the owner 3x but it didnt work, you escalated it to second level and that person (Jim) keeps sending me prewritten email messages repeating the instructions for switching owner which I have already done 3x and didn’t work. Jim is not is actually reading the notes on the history on the claim. He isn’t even trying to understand the problem. What kind of customer service is this? This is the WORST customer team I have ever interacted with.

PLEASE HELP SOLVE ticket ID is 34232146!!!


Suggested solution:

I want someone to reach out to me at 617-682-5135 or solve the problem already.

Your customer service team doesn't resolve problems
Your customer service team doesn't resolve problems
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