Complaint: Securus is misleading and a highway robbery with unjust restrictions

on 12 May 2020 about Securus Technologies in category Telecom

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Similar to the complaint I just read about Securus from another individual utilizing this web site, I have also recently encountered issues with adding funds via my credit card to my advanceconnect account through Securus. I hadn’t had any issues since November 2019, any time I was required to add money to my account, if I wanted or needed to talk with my fiancee. Mind you, this is the only option offered, when receiving calls from jail, it’s not like we have a choice, once our loved ones are held captive. With all visitation currently still suspended due to COVID19, hearing from our loved ones as well as inmates attempting to make contact with their families, is nearly impossible, close to the point if inhumane. Anyways, so about a month ago, as I usually did when my account was low, I attempted to use the card I always would use and add funds. An error popped up, naturally I tried again making sure I punched in the correct numbers, received another error. Message in red urged me to assure I entered in my correct billing address. Nothing has changed so I raised a brow, doubled checked and still got a error. I tried another card. Error. Another card. Error. My debit card. Error. Very frustrating! Once I finally spoke with customer service, after being on hold for over an hour! I was told that my account should be fine I. A couple days, to not use another card right now, that I could use western union, money gram or a prepaid card that did not have my information connected to it. I went and bought a $25 prepaid card. Error. Luke you have got to be kidding me!!! At this point, my fiance, who I know was probably worried to death bc he didn’t know what was going on, but he also had court the next day and I needed to talk to him first. I spoke with customer service again, the only thing helpful they did was grant me a $2 credit, after I asked them for it, during my panic. My account is still compromised with no hope to get this restriction removed. I’m able to use western union, which has a more expensive feeand is also extremely inconvinentnt bc I do not have a vehicle. Another separate issue I have with Securus is always being charged for the full 15min allowed per inmate call, wether the call last 3 minutes or 11 or 15 minutes. And the facility my fiance is incarcerated, implies they have video visitation, Securus even offered circuit to set up an account, which also must be reviewed and approved my the correctional facility; however, LMDC does not really offer the video visits, like they advertise. It is very misleading! Very upset with this greedy, manipulative company.

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Acknowledge the unjustified barriers that seem to arise randomly, train there employees on how to properly handle those types of situation and actually give them some type of authority to ameliorate the issues at hand. I would also appreciate a refund for some of the fees as well as for the many calls which were disconnected for no reason. They should consider there fees policy and cost of calls and make some serious improved adjustments.

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