RYOBI complaint: Sprayer does NOT work after one year

on 17 June 2022 about RYOBI in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

I bought a Ryobi Sprayer (one gallon) last year at Home Depot in Marlboro MA. I used it for a very short time spraying diluted liquid. Prior to storage, I ran distilled water through it. The unit was stored in a warm area for the winter. This year, I attempted to use it but could not get it to spray at all. Hoses were double checked but the results were still the same.

Suggested solution:

After reading reviews on-line, I see this is a common problem. I have many Ryobi products, including a lawn mower that I just bought this year. I am happy with my products. I would like to try another sprayer. I do not have the original box or sales slip.

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