Complaint: ACH Deposit FAIL

on 22 February 2021 about RushCard in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

I recently took out a 401k loan to purchase a vehicle. the process for the loans only took 48 hours. On the 18th of February funds were transferred over to RushCard and they were received on a 19. The amount of the loan was for $10,000 which required documentation verifying that the loan was legitimate including a copy of my driver’s license. No one ever contacted me to tell me to send these documents. I found out today February 22nd that I’m supposed to send these documents to them. Once the documents were uploaded from my home computer and sent to RushCard I received an email back stating that the ACH loan was returned back to the reminder. I was being told that I need to send a copy of my social security card in order to receive ACH loan back again and once they receive the Social Security cards I can request from the remitter to have the ACH resubmitted back to RushCard for deposit. Why on Earth would I do that. I’m in Texas and we just experienced some severe ice storm which is why I had to direct deposit setup anyway I didn’t want to chance the mail because the mail was on hold because of the power outages and Ice storms here in Dallas. Now RushCard is telling me it will take three to five days before they send it back to Myra Miller which is Merrill Lynch and it only took one day for them to receive it I don’t understand the math here. They should be able to send that back just as quickly as they received it not only am I getting the runaround from them I spoke to half a dozen Asian to all gave me different information and I still don’t have my money. Now I have to wait a whole week in order to have a reissue by Merrill Lynch in the form of a check because I am not sending it back is ACH to RushCard for them to goof up again. This is ridiculous and I’m appalled at the service as well as the language barrier because no one seemed to understand anything that was going on. Meanwhile I’ve lost the vehicle I take it out insurance for it already have to go through hoops to get the refund back on it and they’re telling me I can’t do it have to purchase another vehicle but of course I have to have the down payment to do that but I don’t have it because it was tied up by RushCard and again no one from RushCard contacted me telling me they needed documentation they took me to call them this morning to find that out but apparently they had already returned it and didn’t even tell me that on the phone call.

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Suggested solution:

The result for this is my ACS should be refunded back to the remainder ASAP not 3 to 5 business days

ACH Deposit FAIL
ACH Deposit FAIL
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