Remitly complaint: Suspended account

Complaint from Dax reported on 29 October 2023 about Remitly

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My complaint:

I was using my account as usual and then one day they decided to suspend my account, they couldn’t give me an explanation why but that is suspended because I violated some rule… I don’t know how because all I’ve done is the same thing is send money to family the same way every time no different.. customer service did not care to listen and said it’s permanently locked and that there’s nothing they can do…

Suggested solution:

They should verify my account like they should have done the first time instead of just asking for my name and birth date.... If they did they would have realized that I am the account holder for my payment to my email address and my phone number etc.....

Want them to unsuspend my account.

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jeff (@guest_7675)
6 months ago

Same here