Complaint: Teller has ax to grind, always giving me trouble.

on 21 April 2022 about Regions Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I paid off my Home Mortgage with Chase Bank. Chase Bank issued me a check for the amount they owe me for over payment and escrow. I have had a checking account with Regions for over 20 years, they hold many thousands of my dollars. There is enough money in the account to more than cover the check from Chase Mortgage Dept. If it were to fail. Check is properly endorsed, yet, Bank refuses to allow me to deposit check into my 20 year old active checking account. Their excuse, FRAUD. This is a water marked check from Chase Mortgage Dept., no possible chance for Fraud. This same teller has jerked me around in the past with similar issues. I’m not asking them for cash, but simply take the deposit into my account, if it fails, fine, I’ll deal with Chase. Regions has absolutely no reason not to negotiate this deposit, even if it failed, the loss would be on me, not them. Regions has simply employed some nasty and totally incompetent people.

Suggested solution:

There is a number for the Chase Officer who issued the check. An officer at Regions could easily call that person and verify funds, or simply accept the deposit and quit playing foolish games to annoy me.

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