Quality Suites complaint: Civil Rights Violated

on 27 August 2022 about Quality Suites in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I am in need of your help, my Civil Rights was violated by a hotel owner.  This Quality Inn and Suites is a franchise of Choice Hotels.

I’m requesting the help from your office regarding my civil rights and me being discriminated against because of my color (African American and Employee Discount). I really need your help On July 15, 2022, place Quality Inn and Suites, Olde Town, Portsmouth VA Arrived at hotel around 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm. I went to front desk, there was a lady who was on the computer, once she looked at me I announced my name. She said the computer is down. The she said I have to call ****, She left front desk and went towards elevator down the hall. She returned and said he’s on the way. About 10 minutes later, he arrived and walked straight to the computer, started typing on it and looked at me and said I canceled your reservation.

I asked why, he said I not want you here black girl and with discount. And then he yelled at me to unfold my arms. I asked him not to yell at me. Once again I asked why, he said, you leave now, I can cancel your rooms, I am the owner. I told them to call me when you arrived. I asked why would you let someone travel to cancel their reservation in their face. He started yelling at me that was calling the police. He got on the phone and acted like he was talking the police and the only thing he said, was I have black girl trespassing I want her off my property. We decided to leave and walked behind us and went to his car and left. We waited to see if he really called the police, but they never came. My family and I traveled 5 hours (North Carolina to Portsmouth Virginia) for a family gathering. And to be treated like that as 2 white couples walked in and out. I felt humiliated, embarrassed and it caused me to have a anxiety attack.

Suggested solution:

I would like to bring a lawsuit against the owner

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