Complaint: Beware.

on 23 July 2022 about Quality Suites in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

This is a poorly maintained facility in obvious disrepair. Cleanliness and upkeep are neglected as evidenced by unclean bedding, dirty floors, mold, poorly lit pool area, cloudy pool, unclean kiddie pool, faulty AC, poor air quality, several reports of bugs, and many broken and damaged items, including furniture, walls, sliding glass doors, and even the handicap accessible chair at the pool. Upon doing some research and making some inquiries after my negative experiences with this hotel, I’ve found that the proprietors unfortunately seem to be focused on making excuses and saving a dollar than on customer safety and satisfaction.

They have a history of being confrontational and argumentative with customers. They consistently exhibit a flagrant disregard for customer satisfactionretention, instead focusing on guests as a means to maximize profits and raise their bottom-line. This has been evidenced by dismissing client concerns, placing blame on guests when addressing their complaints, and shockingly, even fraudulently charging their customers for damage that was already present upon checking in. Reported examples include a broken headboard, heavily used particleboard furniture, and cigarette burns. This level of dishonesty and unprofessional conduct is simply unfit for the hospitality industry. My hope is to simply bring awareness to whomever reads this. You’d be well advised to go to another local hotel, as this one is not worth the risks involved.

Suggested solution:

They could take responsibility for their establishment and their behavior. Perhaps offer apologies rather than excuses when they are at fault. Stop the fraudulent activity and attempting to get away with bogus charges. Perhaps seriously consider a business venture unrelated to hospitality or any other type of client-centered services.

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