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on 07 June 2022 about Qatar Airways in category Airlines

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My complaint:

I had a flight ticket from Los Angeles to Tehran with Qatar Airways. The June 4 flight was Flight 740 from Los Angeles to Doha and the next flight was Flight 498 from Doha to Tehran. Flight 740 at 16:00 local time and my flight time on flight 498 from Doha to Tehran was 18:50 local time. This was exactly one hour after the first flight would be arrived in Doha. But just when I arrived at Los Angeles Airport, I realized that Flight 740 would be two and a half hours late! And after a long delay at the airport due to changes in Qatar Airways and the confusion of airport staff to investigate this issue, I realized that Qatar Airways has changed my second flight from Doha to Tehran to Flight 490! And this flight change caused me to have a delay of about 6 hours at Doha Airport! I bought my ticket at a higher price so that I would not be delayed at Doha Airport and Qatar Airways changed it! Anyway, I arrived in Tehran with many delays at Doha Airport, but when I went to deliver my buggage, I came across a completely open and broken suitcase, which was inside a torn plastic with the Qatar Airlines brand, and my belongings had come out of the suitcase!

When I asked the reason, they said that it happened in Doha and that Qatar Airways was also aware of it! When I asked for my second suitcase, they said it had not arrived! And as of this writing I’m unaware of the fate of my other suitcase. I lost my very important treatment pills that I have to take every day, and I have not taken these pills for two days now! Because they were not in my suitcase and are lost! I think all this happened to me on purpose because when my wife noticed my annoyance and delay at the airport due to a flight change, commented on Qatari Airlines Instagram and asked them to solve the problem, but apparently in response to this comment, they also ruined my baggage and opened it. !I want full Compensation for all the harassment of Qatar Airways to me and the loss of one of my suitcases and the breakdown of my other suitcase and the loss of my treatment pills that I do not have access to at the moment and this can also be life-threatening for me. Please help me to get my rights, as I am oppressed by Qatar Airways. Thanks

Suggested solution:

Qatar Airlines must pay all financial and psychological damages and my health damages in full.

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