Publix complaint: Racist Vendors on Carey and South Auburn at Watermelon Festival

on 14 August 2022 about Publix in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I’m a 65 year old black female and while I was walking my sugar dropped so I stopped at the vendors on South Auburn and Carey to purchase a cup of watermelon for $1.00. After waiting on line they would not allow the purchase because I had a $20.00 bill. I was told by both the male and female vendor that they were not accepting unless I was buying 2 or more. Clearly the vendor sign stated they were accepting up to a $20.00 bill. At 12:45 pm I thought they had enough change to honor the dollar purchase. I left and walked about three more blocks to another Publix vendor stand that did not have a problem with my $20.00. When I came back to South Auburn I watched them exchange $20 for 1 with at least three Caucasian people.

Suggested solution:

A public apology by these two vendors would be the first step. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture or posted Facebook live.

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