Publix complaint: Racial profiling by cashier

on 21 July 2022 about Publix in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I was at the 2nd express line at around 5:40 to 6pm. The cashier was having problems with her credit card machine. She was an older white lady. She rung up my stuff and I paid with my debit card. The debit card had a balance left. I asked her what happen and if she ran the trash bag through. She raised her voce at me looked at me and said really loud its because you were using food stamps. Without even checking what I had paid with. she automatically assumes by the way I look and what race I was I was using food stamps. She said it so loud that everyone in the line was looking at me. I tried to run my debit card through again but was having problems with it. She later looked at the gentlemen behind me and said see as if to justify what she said. I’ve never been so humiliated my life. I didn’t know Publix hire such racist employee because everyone there is usually nice and sweet. Note I don’t have the receipt. I don’t know if she even gave it to me. I was too upset to notice. Total debit was 35.43

Suggested solution:

Disciplinary action should be taken for the employee. Publix does not want to be known as a racist company.

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