Complaint: belligerant attitudepoor servicerudeness

on 15 November 2020 about Popeyes in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

entered the drive thru and after sitting for almost a minute was told to wait, put vehicle in park and after 6 minutes was asked what do you want’ in a pissed off manner, stated I wanted 2 sodas, was asked is that all you want’ again in a hateful manner. Stated yes and was told in a loud tone drive around. Pulled up to the window and lady said it would be 5.11. Gave her the money and waited while she talked to another employee so long that I put my vehicle in park again and waited and waited. Finally after several minutes was handed my change then waited for our sodas, finally got one then waited for another 3 minutes for the second soda. Was never told thanks or come back, employee just closed her window. Is this how employees for Popeyes ate trained?

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Suggested solution:

Shut the damn place down, fire the entire staff and put in a Bo Jangles!!!!!!

Comment by poster of the complaint D Cooke

1 week ago - Doubt very seriously this company cares, bless your heart

Comment by poster of the complaint D Cooke

1 week ago - With all the hoops y'all have thrown in I don't see y'all going forth with any positive results

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