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Our sentiment meter has detected that Pinterest complaints over the past 28 days have remained within our normal fluctuation range, showing a change of 0%. While some customers might experience challenges with Pinterest, the steady level of complaints indicates that there hasn’t been a surge in widespread issues recently.

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Pinterest complaint process

Do you have a dispute or had a bad customer experience with Pinterest? Submit your Pinterest complaint through our platform to support its escalation, prompting their customer service to resolve it.

We will make sure that your complaint receives the attention it deserves by utilizing our public transparent complaint process, social media, and other tools at our disposal. Our goal is to make sure your complaint is taken seriously by the complaint department of Pinterest.

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How to file a complaint about Pinterest?

File your complaint through our hassle-free complaint form to maximize the chance of resolving it. We make sure your complaint gets the attention it deserves!

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We have received 7 complaints about Pinterest over the last 12 months. The graph below shows a monthly breakdown.


Pinterest complaint statistics

Curious about Pinterest's track record in addressing complaints within the Social Media category? Dive into the all-time complaints data right here!

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Pinterest customer service FAQ:

Why should I file a complaint about Pinterest on is a platform where you can voice your concerns and complaints about any company, including Pinterest. By filing a complaint on our platform, you can share your experience with others, get help from our community, and hold Pinterest accountable for any problems you may have faced.

What types of complaints can I file about Pinterest on

You can file any type of complaint related to Pinterest, such as account suspension, content removal, copyright infringement, inappropriate content, technical issues, and any other issues you may have experienced.

What are the most common complaints about Pinterest?

According to our complaint data, the most common complaints about Pinterest include:

  • Account issues: Some users report that their accounts were suspended or terminated without warning or explanation. 
  • Content removal: Some users report that their content was removed without warning or explanation, even though it didn't violate Pinterest's guidelines.
  • Copyright infringement: Some users report that their content was stolen or used without permission.
  • Inappropriate content: Some users report encountering inappropriate or offensive content on Pinterest.
  • Technical issues: Some users report experiencing problems with Pinterest's website or mobile app, such as slow loading times, error messages, or glitches.

Can I expect a resolution if I file a complaint about Pinterest on

While we cannot guarantee any resolution, filing a complaint helps to make sure your complaint will get the attention it deserves.

How can I contact Pinterest customer service directly?

After submitting your complaint through our platform, it’s always good to reach out to Pinterest's customer service team directly. You can do that by calling 650-308-4604, visiting their Help Center or through @Pinterest on Twitter.

How to contact the customer service of Pinterest?

Below, you will find the contact information for the complaint department of Pinterest. To amplify the impact of your complaint, please use our complaint form.

Complaint line phone number:
Webcare email:
Contact form:

You can contact the customer service of Pinterest by calling 650-308-4604. For Pinterest support through email, send your inquiry to If you want to reach out to Pinterest through their own website, you can use their contact form.

Help us refine our customer service directory! Share updated or missing contact info to ensure everyone has the latest details.

Pinterest reviews: (14)

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Deactivated Account

Complaint from on 28 November 2023 about Pinterest.

I am complaining that Pinterest inextricably deactivated my account. Their hoodwink management team gave no explanation for such draconian action. It is remotely possible that my account was hacked or targeted by a nefarious individual.Their untenable excuse was, I violated... Read more

Comments: 0

removal of pins

Complaint from Maria Pazos on 18 September 2023 about Pinterest.

I keep getting notices that they have removed my pins. They provide a one time link that either links to a blurry image or to the main search page. IF they are REALLY interested in getting people to review their... Read more

Comments: 0

Ordered storage containers 6-9-23 never received

Complaint from foreverblue4046 on 21 July 2023 about Pinterest.

Ordered 2 plastic storage bins never received. Tried to contact nesbitt on Pinterest no valid email account. No phone number. Was to ship to my home in 24 hours. Bank notified me using debit if this was me. Apparently they... Read more

Comments: 0

Advertisers fraudulent activity

Complaint from Patrick McDonnell on 22 June 2023 about Pinterest.

This is a copy of my last of multiple attempts to get the advertised product or my money back from your advertiser. All my attempts to make contact with you at Pinterest seem to be futile in that you seem... Read more

Comments: 1

Hate crime against Asian company

Complaint from PaulAndrew on 07 June 2023 about Pinterest.

The webstore, on a rare occasion contains an image which, has no 'rights protection' notice, and is currently appearing on dozens of webstores as a sale item, particularly included as an available dropship item to other sellers. Despite that... Read more

Comments: 0

No response from Pinterest team in TWO weeks

Complaint from iluvmii on 20 April 2023 about Pinterest.

I am writing to express my frustration with the late responses to my emails since last week. I have sent several emails to Pintrest’s support team regarding an issue I am having with my account, but I have yet to... Read more

Comments: 0

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