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on 10 October 2020 about Parkdean Resorts in category Travel

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My complaint:

My brother was over from Australia, ( just buried our mum), He had booked us 3 nights at Nodes point Ryde, we were sadly there to support our brother, who lives in Ryde, his wife just been told she is terminal with cancer.
Our accommodation was good and walking the dog on the beech. was all good,
We had eaten away from the complex, but decided sat night we would go and support the entertainment and eat at your onsite club.

In the club, we were seated by the window, the waitress was very pleasant ( colourful hair ) and jolly.
We ordered food and I asked her for a medium dry glass of white wine, She replied we only do the house wine, and I asked what the wine was like. and she replied its sells well and I believe it is very nice., ok I said you have convinced me.
The wine came, I sipped it and it was awful, I went to the bar and said to the girl I have tasted the wine but its awful?, I can not drink it, She said well whats wrong with it?
It tastes like a glass of vinegar, I just cant drink it, can you change it please.
There’s nothing wrong with the wine, and I know!, as I opened the bottle, so you can buy another drink if you want one?
( she was unfriendly and abrupt.)
She was talking at me, with her audience, of bar staff, which I presumed made her feel big, I could not get a word in, Then she starred at me.
again I said
I cant drink it, its stripping the inside of my mouth.? there is a lot wrong with it. All I want is the drink changed, I have ordered food and just spent £35.00 on two drinks and 2 meals.
She continued to lecture me about , if I bought something from a shop, you would not take it back, I t was like listening to a spoilt child, she had not got a clue, just rabbiting on about nothings.,
The girl who served me, came over to the bar, I said Hi I have a problem with the wine? She replied Shes my manager , sorry and went off in a hurry.
Her words had surprised me! I repeated your the manager?
Yes she replied Yes, So buy a drink or don’t buy one, I,m not changing your drink or replacing it with another
.I looked at her and due to my over whelming stress with-in and not wanting to add to my brothers stress, also aware my dinner was on the table ;
I asked the , unprofessional, obnoxious and obviously not trained manager, who had not got a clue in customer service,, for the head office telephone number, of which she gladly wrote down.
Should I have been in any other frame of mind, I would have as a customer stood my ground.
She had not got a clue, rude and loving it..
I left my drink on the bar and walked to my table, Both our meals were , dry and tasteless
complete disaster.
A lovely girl cleared our plates, again she was happy and joyful ( her name being Molly ) Now Molly, had more about her than Ann Toni your manager, No customer service skills what so ever, It would have taken her a minute to keep customer happy by offering a soft drink,

I don’t know how you have managed to take on a manager, who is that rude and with no skills in customer service, especially when the company relies on visitors feed back
Ruined my night and I would never recommend staying at Nodes Point again, As its staff people who make your time in a place a nice place to go
And although I was desperate to have a drink with my meal, I was not going to spend another penny with your company
With a manager with that frame of mind will ruin any company reputation. And the reason I know her name, was because a member of her team told it to me ?? say no more.
Very disappointed, and made me quite sad.

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Suggested solution:

Very simple customer is always right, offer an alternative, keep the conversation professional, friendly, and polite
Happy customers make you money.
Ill qualified staff, who take things personal and have no customer service skills will cost you your business.
I spent £35.00 on two meals and 2 drinks, It was meant to be a de-stress for us bolh, just to chill for a couple of hours?
Not leave your visitors not wanting to stay on your site or recommend any family or friends for new business to promote your good accommodation and views.
Totally ruined by one person? and the food not being up to scratch, especially when it was not cheap. the end product , did not match the price paid.
When we return to the Island it will not be to stay at Nodes Point.
How would you resolve bad publicity?.

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