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on 22 September 2020 about Panera Bread in category Restaurants

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I am a panera customer and also a Doordash delivery driver. Everytime I go to pick up a delivery order I feel so much animosity directed my way from both management and associates in this panera restaurant because I happen to be the go between for Doordash and Panera. This morning I went in to get a customer pick up and the employees told me that I had to make up the customers coffee. I have never been told to do so by any establishment before that I pick up from to do so. I do not drink coffee, nor do I know the procedure panera uses to make a pick up coffee for someone else. Doordash has since told me I am not to do that, and that they need to do it themselves. I feel so uncomfortable going into this establishment now even as a customer separate from my delivery job because of the attitudes and animosity from staff of all positions.

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I would just like to be treated the same as every other customer weather I'm a panera customer of picking up as a doordash delivery driver for another panera customer. Me coming in for the customer is no different then a customer coming to pick up for themselves. I am sure the people of this store will know who put in this complaint and might even treat me worse if I ever go back in, but I try to be as nice, cooperative and understanding as possible and it has gotten to far to a point where I feel uncomfortable walking in. I hope people can begin to realize that I have done nothing to deserve such animosity, and can treat all dashers like any other customer.

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