Complaint: Not paying out despite buying their insurance and EBAY ignores you

on 17 February 2021 about Packlink in category Parcel Couriers

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My complaint:

I bought packlink postage, and insurance via EBAY and sent the item. It got to the buyer badly broken. I had to give him a full refund via EBAY and pay for the items to be returned to me. I contacted packlink that insisted on photographs- which we both obliged them with. They specifically wanted photos of the internal box received by the recipient, and photos of the packaging used – Thats reasonable but, as this was nearly 5 days later after they replied to me, the buyer had discarded most of the wrappings and packing. Fortunately the buyer returned the item to me using some of the original packing, and i explained to them that he had discarded most of the wrapping and also the protective bag the computer was wrapped in. Neither the buyer or me the seller knew Packlink needed to see the boxes or to save it all for inspection when the goods were sent or received damaged. The insurance on ebay never specified that clearly. It was my first ever claim but packlink keeps asking for what we cannot give them as its in an emptied bin. EBAY – doesn’t care – so dont ask them for any help – its a waste of time. They offer that courier service no doubt for some profit, but then its nothing to do with them when it goes wrong.

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Suggested solution:

IF - THEY SAID when you bought insurance you would need to take photos AND save any packaging in the event of damage, then you have been warned and aware. But to not pay out insurance money when purchased in good faith is badly wrong. I have paid to my customer Nearly £130 as a refund via EBAY and I am left with a box of unsellable broken goods. The insurance was paid and there for a reason.
I would like what i am owed, as clearly the items got damaged in PACKLINK's care.
It is a matter of being reasonable - - I have sent 10 photos and explanations as evidence - but i receive just a repetitive email from packlink saying the same as before DESPITE everything i have already sent them. Its like talking to a robot that takes no notice of whatever you say. Perhaps another customer care person to deal with it sensibly or even a phone call to discuss it would be good - but to go round in circles is not helpful. I WARN EVERYONE - INSURANCE appears to be just extra you pay for nothing.

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