Complaint: Deceptive advertising and bad customer service

on 27 November 2021 about Ollies Bargain Outlet in category Interior shops

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My complaint:

I went to Ollie’s to buy a dog bed they had advertised it was discribed as follows 38” round and 6” thick their’s price 49.99. The web page flier stated sale starts 11-23-2021 until they are gone. So my wife and I drove 30 minutes to get one. Went in the store found the described dog bed, carried it to check out told them the item was on sale. She checked with her manager at that point Been D. said the sale didn’t start until Black Friday so I told them I didn’t want it because I didn’t like being taken advantage of. When I got back in the car my wife wanted to know where the dog bed was, so I told her what happened so she got on the Internet and found the add. At that point I we back in the store (Ollie’s) found the manager again told and showed him the add, then he changed his story and said it was for those beds and I reminded him every description was exactly the same. Then he got very short and rude with me so I got rude back and was going to leave but when I got to the front of Ollie’s store I decided I was going to make a complaint so I asked two cashiers what his name was so I could tell costumer service they would not give me his name. One of the cashiers got his on a walkie-talkie and he did come up front and I got him name then he very sarcastically told me happy Thanksgiving. Then when I got home I tried to call Ollie’s corporate costumer service, when I got CS website it was obvious that they did not care about their customers satisfaction it looked more like a war between teenage lawyers that you had to decipher to leave them a message. Very very sad on their part and I can tell they don’t care about Anything but their bottom line.

Suggested solution:

They should contact me and make sure that I am a satisfied customer.

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