Ollies Bargain Outlet complaint: Total all around horrible visit- never had this before

on 05 January 2023 about Ollies Bargain Outlet in category Interior shops

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My complaint:

I have been to this Ollie’s location several times, I got all my new flooring house decor from here,never had a problem until yesterday Jan 4, 2023.. started off at check out after waiting about 45mins for 4 different employees to try fix the credit card machine I just offered to run to the atm down the street.. so I did that came back made my purchase.. I told 2 different employees that I was having a friend come pick up a 12x15ft rug that I bought..bc in the past I have had to do that bc lots of the items didn’t fit in car, so I’d send someone to pick it up with no problem, well after this visit my friend went to pick up the rug a lady named Nicole claiming she was the manager told him she had to have the physical receipt.. I even had him put her on the phone bc she heard me tell 2 employees that my friend was to get it.. no one ever told me that I had to suddenly have a paper receipt to pick up items.. I had to end up driving all the way back there which is a good 25mins away.. so after waiting there for 45mins then going to the atm to get cash for the purchase I had to drive all the way back so I could get my rug.. to top it off she never even asked me for it or looked at it after I got there.. I mean just the gas to drive back was probably close to $15-$20.. I was very disappointed in ollies since this visit. I am deciding if I should go back or not. I have spent a lot of money there redoing my house and I just can’t believe this lady acted the way she did. I’ve never seen her in there before that day

Suggested solution:

Idk maybe compensation for my gas time

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