Complaint: Deceiving label on creme care body wash

on 10 March 2022 about Nivea in category Care Products

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My complaint:

Body wash and body lotions are normally put in similar areas in stores. When I saw the bottle of Creme Care in that general area I of course thought it was a lotion because lotions were sitting next to it. I do not have dry skin so was very unpleasantly surprised to see streaks of white and then watch my skin going incredibly dry and rough and scaly after applying what was actually body wash as lotion. When I went to use it the second time I looked more closely at the bottle. The body wash label which is white lettering is put directly across some white and light blue design so that it’s virtually impossible to see. I also want to add that whatever that design is that body wash is put up against looks like a menstrual pad with a splash of water in it.

Suggested solution:

Please change the design of this label so other people don't have the same disturbing experience that I did. My trust in Nivea products has definitely been caved in after this experience.

Deceiving label on creme care body wash
Deceiving label on creme care body wash
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