Complaint: inadequate refund

on 09 June 2022 about Netspend in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

I bought my first Netspend card from the groceries store. The person I bought that card for disappeared on me and I held on to the card hoping this person would return. They never did however and so I thought I would gift the card to a friend instead. It was at that time that I opened the package for the first time and upon reading the information on the inside of the package realized that that time of the card’s validity. I contacted Netspend through trying to activate the card to see what if anything could be done to receive a refund for the 250.00 loaded onto the card at the time of purchase.

The customer service representative was not able to assist me further without trying to set up an account by my sending my personal information meaning passport, personal ID and Social Security Card. I said I was not comfortable doing that online, and they said another option would be just to receive a refund instead of activating the card. When mentioned the time listed on the package, they assured me that the card expiration date had not passed so we could activate the card. I opted for the refund which I was told would take to 10 to 15 days to receive. When I opened the envelope with the check received from them, it was for 100, not the 250 that was originally loaded on the card. I have been unable to find a way to contact them regarding this issue because the card is not recognized, nor does Netspend acknowledge my Social Security number.

Suggested solution:

I just want the remainder of the original 250 loaded on the card which would be an additional 150 to accompany the 100 sent from them.

inadequate refund
inadequate refund
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