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Good day! I would like to share my poor experience chatting with one of your chat support. I find her rude, arrogant and incompetent. It seems she does not know her product. My Netflix account is being paid through my Smart Communications account. Both my Smart and Netflix was restricted as I was not able to pay on the due date for Feb and March. But when I paid those two said bills I paid it on one transaction last March 30, 2022
The bill was for 6,562.44 php two 549php of which was for Netflix. And as you can see the payment for February posted but not March. Hence, after 7 days my Netflix account was on hold again. Reached again through your support and was able to get in touch with Julie Ann. She was so rude and not helpful. She kept on insisting for me to pay my March bill and kept on insisting that my March payment was declined without thinking if that payment was declined then so is my February since the payment for the said two months was processed in one transaction. She did not even try to comprehend where I am coming from. Then I reached out to Smart Communications and the guy I spoke with was helpful and apparently, more knowledgeable regarding your NETFLIX APPWEBSITE than your consultant. He instructed me to go to Netflix website and click on update payment. He told me to click on Edit and re-enter my Smart phone number. After doing that payment posted on my Netflix account. It is appearing as 08042022 as you can see. It was as easy as doing that. Easier than chatting with your consultant who has no knowledge of your systems, understanding of my situation and empathy. I believe this should be something your consultant should know since this is your website. Instead Julie Ann was just condescending and rude and not helpful at all. Spent an hour with her on chat. She even refused to end the chat so that I can take the survey for her service. Instead she put me through to Siaska.

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Hope this is something that you will not just ignore. There are a lot of jobless people who I believe are more deserving to be employed than her. This is the first I have encountered such poor customer service with you people.

Hoping to hear from you. Thank you!

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