Complaint: Is Netflix aiding in grooming children?

on 20 July 2020 about Netflix in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

In Abby Hatcher-
When Teeny Terry gets upset, he blows up like a puffer fish. For Terry to become normal size again Abby has to tickle his tickle spot. This spot is located in between his legs.
Terry giggles and he shrinks back to size and is calm and happy again.
This happens in more than one episode!

Why is Netflix allowing this type of content for children, teaching them to accept others to tickle their tickle spot to calm them down?!?
Is Netflix aiding in grooming our children for pedophiles?!?

I reached out to Netflix and their Chat Representative informed me to thumbs down the show and we will not see that or anything like it. Will that person ever report that to content selectors, probably not!
Should I sit here and hide this from my child while allowing other children to become brainwashed by this disgusting hidden agenda?
No, I am going to speak up! There is already enough of that happening!

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Suggested solution:

REMOVE ABBY HATCHER AND SCREEN YOUR CHILDREN'S CONTENT. If you are unsure of the influence it could have on a child hire a child psychologist.

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