Complaint: Dubbing and subtitles for foreign films is terrible!

on 16 May 2020 about Netflix in category Broadcasting Network, Online Services

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My complaint:

As a long time member, I mainly watch foreign films and recently have noticed that lately these are dubbed with terrible flat voices, not at all matching the characters and the subtitles are different than the dialogue.i am guessing thiis was done because most Viewers are too lazy To read subtitles. Whatever your thinking it has totally ruined the overall movie effect. All,of the voices sound like what they are, people reading dialogue, and pretty much they all sound the same, win no reflection or tone in their voice.

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Suggested solution:

You need to leave foreign movies with their regular subtitles and not try to dumb it down for idiots.

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Chris Phillips
Chris Phillips (@guest_2638)
8 months ago

I can not agree more. The Lazy American audiences that can’t be bothered to read the subtitles of all of Netflix’s foreign films shouldn’t even bother watching them in the first place. Also I think netflix should give the option of having the subtitles on or off with dubbing at the very least. Why put so much effort into making these movies and shows available if they aren’t keeping them authentic.