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on 11 April 2022 about in category Travel

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My complaint:

Hi there,

I hope everything is well with you.

We booked a trip to Brazil with in December 2021 for MarchApril 2022, after receiving the booking, we noticed that they delivered different time flights from what we originally booked for, we called mytrip several times on the same day and other days – asked to change the flights times as we purchased a flexible ticket, however, the (several) calls either drop after several hours or minutes or the attendants were not able to reschedule our ticket due to a “failure on their system” . Even if mytrip were not able to change our flight to Rio to earlier, we were “ok”.. to pay the no show fee and book the next flights on, but even for that your customer service weren’t able to go through payment and didn’t even found the same flights !

Unfortunately after many calls with mytrip costumer service from the agency and from the airline company we didn’t manage to change one segment of the flights onwards, we were about to pay for 1st class as it was the only option, and , the call dropped once and another log call after, your system was faulty and the attendant couldn’t go through , asked to call later..

The flight originally requested was:

London Heathrow airport to Sao Paolo Wed 23, Mar 2022- 20:35-05:20

Sao Paolo to Rio de Janeiro Thu 24,Mar 2022 08:00-09:00 around this time instead the ticket they sold as the connection was at 20:30-21:30 (more than 15 hours waiting at the airport after 12 hours flight)

Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paolo Tue 29,Mar 2022 13:05-14:05

São Paulo to Porto Seguro Tue 29, 15:50- 17:45

Porto Seguro to Sao Paolo Mon 04, 19:35-21:40

Sao Paolo to London Heathrow apt Mon 04, 23:50-15:05

Our request was for mytrip to change our flight to the one originally purchased in December 2021 we have an email from the 3rd of January quoting the request of the change and many other requested were made after. However, that was unsuccessful we’ve decided to purchase another ticket as we didn’t want to spend over 15 hours at the airport after fling for 12 hours and loose one day of our holidays.

On the 29 when we went to the airport to take our next flight from Rio de Janeiro with destination to Porto Seguro at the airport check-in they couldn’t find our booking!

We, therefore ,purchased the same flight again in order not to miss the wedding celebrations. And not ruin our holidays because of this initially mistake of yours – purchased 2 new tickets at the airport for around £800 when we spoke with the customer service from the airline they said that we had a no show flight but we actually were on the same flight all our other flights to have got cancelled and we had to buy the same flight to come back to London for around £2000.
We – obviously -checked with Latam on due course and they couldn’t do much as the flight was booked through mytrip.

We were going to a wedding, and that obviously caused extreme stress, hours on phone lines , spent lots of money with phone calls, and many hours wasted holding and explaining again on calls .

Just in bullet points to be more clear

Original tickets purchased- received without luggage’s nor the correct flight SP-RJ
Purchased extra luggage more expensive £63 each(not even the biggest of problems)
Tried modifying tickets SP -RJ to 8:30am(instead of 20:30) – not successful , calls drop or attendant couldn’t modify as system was faulty(we had to be in Rio in that afternoon)
We purchase a separate ticket to Rio – because we had to be there that afternoon and mytrip were not able to modify our trip, we paid for flexible tickets, we were now reaching out to organize our remain trip, make sure all was ok- according to your costumer service, all flights should be there!
We go to get our flight Rio – Porto Seguro – no booking found! We called mytrip and your costumer service says they could see the booking, Latam didn’t! .. we purchased the same flight (Rio – Porto Seguro) . paid around £800
Arriving in Porto Seguro (stressed and exausted), we wanted to make sure we guarantee our return flight to London, we call mytrip and you say that there was a no show in our flight from RIO- PORTO SEGURO !!! we were there, at the airport , purchased again the same flight to Porto Seguro!!!!, because of this no show we had to pay a fee to our flight to London !
We were now aiming to pay the $200 fee to rescue our London flight – THERE WERE NO FLIGHTS on the same one we booked! Only first class! We were happy to pay 1st class…THE ATTENDANT COULDN’T PROCEED WITH THE PAYMENT ! all other times we tried calling, the call dropped or couldn’t go through !
We purchased the same flight at economy with another company!
((many other failures that now seems irrelevant… luggage were not added on our first flight although we purchased it, when I called to pay , the calls dropped and was now too late I had to pay more for that)

After consulting a lawyer regarding this matter, we are asking mytrip a full refund of the extra tickets we had to purchase for the same flights and destinations on the same days we are hoping we can settle this in a friendly way before legal action are to be take.

Best regards

Danilo Leticia

Suggested solution:

We would like a refund for the tickets that we had to buy extra.

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