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on 16 July 2022 about in category Travel

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My complaint:

My daughter’s return flight was cancelled. Mytrip informed about an attempt to contact me, but there was no such attempt, neither by phone nor e-mail. I called the UA airline myself and found out that the flight can be changed for the next day. I tried to report it to Mytrip by e-mail and through their website, as well as by phone. There was no reply to the written contact. I was able to call Mytrip several times, but they clearly refused to make the change. I got in touch with a consultant, explained the matter, and finally I was supposed to be switched to a consultant to approve the change. Each time I had to wait 30-45 minutes for a connection, and after switching to ation another 30-45 minutes. After switching, I explained the problem again and I was switched to the next person again. And here again, explanations from the beginning, and finally switching to ation. And so on and on and on.
I made a few such connections, together with my husband, but we were unable to arrange anything. Due to the fact that Mytrip prevented us from changing our flight, we feel cheated and demand a refund for the return flight. The airlines still had vacancies for the return flights and we booked the return ticket ourselves, no longer waiting for a reply from Mytrip.

I tried to change my booking in June, but it has not been possible until today and I have not received any response from Mytrip. They have 72 hours to reply to the message from the website, but no reply has come.

Now we want to get a refund for the canceled flight. Mytrip did not comply with the contract and made it impossible to change the booking.

As proof, I have printouts of call billings with the information line and e-mails sent to them. You can see on the billings how many connection attempts were made and how long they lasted.

Mytrip booking number is LIP7J4.
United Airlines booking number: JFQMTA
Canceled flight number: San Diego-Warsaw, 22072022
Flight details: UA8932, San Diego – Munich, departure 22072022 at 10:00 17.15 – 13.25 23.07, then from Munich to Warsaw UA8894, departure 23.07.2022 h. 14.15-16.20

Suggested solution:

They shall return money for cancelled flight.

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