Complaint: September product.

on 30 April 2022 about Morrisons in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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First of all I would like to say the staff are always friendly when I pop up that way so in no manner is this complaint anyway about your staff however it is regarding your products having no actual product in them.
So I work in Skn clinics Cardiff as a advanced practitioner so never really buy high street skin care however I’ve been very unwell and been off work for over 30 weeks as I’m on the emergency list for a operation and had to move back to my mothers until I’ve had my operation. So now I haven’t got a income so when I went to buy products from you for the first time I brought September skin care however on my return home after my shower I opened all my skin care and in the pipet nothing was coming out on both bottles. As for the face cream they did have that. I’m just disappointed I paid my good money for these skin care and they don’t have any in them and the lid doesn’t work. Please remove it from your selves. I’m out of product and money down. If your thinking just take it back it’s over a hour away as I live in cardigan and didn’t take a receipt so I know that I’ve lost out! I would like to know why there is nothing in these bottles?
Thank you

Suggested solution:

By taking the product off the selves and checking them all as there is nothing in them. I brought mine yesterday and they are empty! If I lived closer I would go in and prove that they are! Refund or different products sent out because now I can’t get any with no income.

September product.
September product.
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