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on 02 September 2021 about Morrisons in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I have just been to Morrisons in Hinckley. The store here is appalling.
For a busy Thursday night, there were only 4 checkouts open. 1 self service with a conveyor belt was out of action, leaving 1 self service checkout available, for a big trolley shop.
There was 1 young girl, on her own, trying to look after ALL the checkouts, and she was clearly stressed.
There were around 25 shoppers, trying to get through the checkout. This store is a joke!
People were complaining, and the poor girl had told me she had tried to get staff in to man the checkouts, but was unsuccessful.
No senior store management were available, but as it was after 4pm, I guess they had gone home. This is a regular occurrence.

This store needs a complete overhaul, with senior managers in charge that can lead.

This is just one of the many problems at this store.
1) I normally shop at 6am, and many times, cannot access aisles as there are pallets and boxes stacked high, it is a health and safety concern.
2) No checkout staff available until 7am, despite the store opening at 6am.
3) The stoke rotation is non existent. Longer dates at the front, end dates at the back, for fresh produce. Many times there have been out of date stock on the shelves, which I have pointed out to staff, and they shrugged their shoulders.
4) Bakery, Meat counter and cake counter, are always poorly, or not at all stocked when the store opens.
5) Staff Moral is at a real low ebb.

I have worked in retail, so I know what I am talking about. When is the Hinckley Morrisons store going to be improved in ALL areas? A lot of your customers are going to your rival, Sainsbury in Hinckley. If this store does not have a dramatic improvement, I will takes my £3,000 that I spend with you on a yearly basis, also to Sainsbury.

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Suggested solution:

See above. Get decent managers in to run the store properly and efficiently

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