Complaint: black security guard

on 22 March 2022 about Morrisons in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I popped in today to Rubery Morrisons early today, to buy a few stuff, but as it was early the self service checkout was not open and I prefer paying at the self service checkout when possible, so I put the goods back to the shelves, but realized that the black security guard was following me. My debit card is always in my hand so he could see that too. And when I wanted to exit, he stopped me and checked whether I stole something… He pushed the back of my puffer jacket. I visit that store many times if I would want to steal anything, I wouldn’t go back to the same store with my wife as well many many times. I read the same security guard did similar thing with other shoppers, followed them and checked them for no reason. You should do something with this security guard as he shouldn’t do that. Interestingly other security guards have never stopped me at the same store and I wore the same jacket…

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Suggested solution:

Tell to this security guard that he shouldn't do this, or if he wants to continue this he should be fired.

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