MetaMask complaint: Asking for always submit refund

Complaint from 10199 reported on 03 October 2023 about MetaMask

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My complaint:

They are asking me to add more money to my account so I can withdraw with every time new excuses , now they need to add in wallet 50/ of amount that I have in account to able to withdraw till now I added 25300 dollar and still I need to add more.

Suggested solution:

Just to release my amount and I can withdraw

Asking for always submit refund
Asking for always submit refund
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Comment by poster of the complaint 10199

1 month ago - They sent to me a notification that by 31/10 they will freeze all and they will sent it to charity . Tillno I didn’t recieve any comment from them and what the fuck they stole my money and even I don’t have right to choose to who I will give my money to the charity

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