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on 04 October 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Good Evening to Whom This May Concern,

I went to go try out the new spicy McNuggets today, October 3rd at around 9 pm. I had ordered a 10 piece spicy nugget, a 10 piece regular, and a large fries. As I was about to pay, I was using a deal from the app that gave me buy a 10 piece and get one for 25 cents. I was kindly told that it only worked for the regular nuggets and was asked if I would like to add an additional 10 pieces to use the deal. I agreed and went on to the next window. Approaching the window I was handed my order and noticed the extra 10 pieces were missing. I asked the lady nicely and told her the situation. I was given an attitude and was given a manager as well as the lady who took my order. Again, attitude. I was repeatedly told that I did not have another 10 pieces although I was charged for them. I again explained the situation and gave them my phone to see the deal and we rechecked the receipt. As on the receipt, it showed that I did pay for all three. As I was explaining the lady snatched the ticket away from me and came back and shoved the 10 missing pieces at me. Along with this, a customer behind in the drive-thru was repeatedly honking as we were settling this issue that only took about 5 minutes. Never have I received such rude customer services at a Mcdonalds and from a manager as well.

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Suggested solution:

To resolve this issue, the worker should have first looked over the receipt and then ed that there was a missing order. Just because the drive-thru lady did not take the order does not mean there were no changes at the check-out window. This would have resolved confusion. Workers should also not give a bad attitude when there was none to begin with. We were kindly asking about our missing order and was treated like we were in the wrong.

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