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on 14 March 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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On March 13, 2020 at about 12:30 am I had went to McDonald’s in Passaic nj on central ave and ordered a Big Mac and large fry meal. The lady at the window said $16.75. I said excuse me?? I only ordered one meal how does it cost that much?? She didn’t say anything. She just was looking at me and I drove off. I went to McDonald’s on Dayton ave in Passaic to order the exact same thing and it was $9.10. I went back to the Mcdonald’S on central ave and it was a different lady at the window. I showed her the receipt and asked can she please ask the other lady to come to the window who gave me the price of $16.75 to come to the window and when she seen me she immediately hid herself and would not come to the Window. So the current lady at the window said the price is different because it’s “different bosses” I kindly drove off.

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Now I understand the each McDonald’s has its own ownership and the prices are not the same in all of them, however if there is 7 to 8 dollar difference in price that is criminal and completely unacceptable. If this is not the case that one employee was trying something nefarious. I always had several complaints about the McDonald’s on central ave in Passaic, New Jersey from cold food to just bad service but this is the last straw. I always had a deep fondness for McDonald’s for the last 25 years but enough is enough. McDonald’s just lost a loyal customer.

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