Complaint: rude Supervisor screamed at me for my handicap husband and myself for using restroom

on 10 April 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

On Tuesday, April 6, I was headed to Indianapolis airport from Terre Haute IN. My husband, who is handicap and myself had to use restroom. I pulled in Plainfield IN McDonalds as there were cars parked by front door. I jumped out, tried door – it opened, then helped my husband get out of vehicle and walk him with walker to door and restroom, which was just inside door. As he went to restroom, I went into Ladies. One stall was taken, so I went to other. While using, the woman in other stall was yelling at me who is there?! I just ignored her, because she didn’t know who I was nor did I know her. As she was washing her hands, she was still screaming at me, while I was in the stall and waited for me to come out. Why are you using my restroom? We are closed! I stated, the door was open and I was only using the restroom. She stated Well, don’t ever do it again! I said you are very rude! I am only using the restroom, and there are cars parked at the door looking like your lobby is open. She waited outside the door while I washed my hands and was talking about me to another customer. I said again, You are very rude, what is your name?. Her name was Eve, and she said she was a Manager. She asked if I wanted to speak to the GM and I said Yes. The GM came out, Hydie and I told her how rude Eve was to me – when I was just using restroom and door was open with cars parked by door. I didn’t know lobby was closed. She said she would handle Eve, rudeness was not tolerated. I said I would complain also, again she said I said, I would handle it. Again, I said I would complain also. My husband came out of restroom with walker and we left. Very. very rude to handicapped customers! I stop at this McDonalds in my business travels from Terre Haute to Indy ofte, but never again.

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I wanted to complain as it really upset me to be treated so rudely when I was only using restroom, being screamed at while in the stall and waited for at the sink, so she could continue to yell at me.!

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