Complaint: refusal of service

on 05 March 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Around 630am on March 04 2021. myself and my two nephews entered the restaurant and was about to place our order but was stopped by the cashier and asked if i had a mask. i told them i must of forgot it in the cab. the cashier asked us to leave and i asked why. was told cause I didn’t have a mask. i told them that i had my 2 small nephews with me and asked if they could over look the situation cause we came by cab and would have to wait for a cab. he still continued to point to the exit and told us to leave. as well the manager just stood there not saying a word to the cashier. i got mad and augrued with the cashier why he was kicking me and my small nephews out and still asked us to leave. i told thanks for making us leave and stand out in the cold. as we left the restaurant and standing outside the cashier came outside with a customer order and started back our way and processed to argue with me and scaring my nephews which angered me more and told him to keep walking he still proceeded to yell at me as he walked in. told him if he had something to say come say it to my face at which point i had enough of his actions

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lawsuit will follow if nothing is done

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