Complaint: Rude Manager

on 06 March 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

went to McDonald’s placed my order, paid for my order, and I got my order everything fine
looked in my bag I had a double hamburger missing so I drove back to get in this long line decided to call them to let them know maybe they could run the burger out to me since I had already ordered and paid for it turns out no one answered so I decided to go ring the door bell this store manager comes out with an aggressive attitude and at this point I mentioned that this is not the first time this has happened and she got more aggressive if I was not happy with the service to go somewhere else that she would if she was not happy with the service I told her all they need to do is check the bag before they give it to the customer not hard at all She gave me a large order of fries that I did not order and expected me to be okay with that I did not care about the fries The way the manager acted reflects on the whole store there was no need to get her chest all puffed up and literally throwing the rest of my order at me and kept yelling thank you at me with an attitude

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The manager could have listened to what I had to say instead of getting an attitude right away with me I was not attacking her I was simply making a statement It would not take much time to check the bag to see if the order was all there and make sure everything in the bag belonged to the person who placed the order It would probably save people who really get irrate and employees alot of confrontation Also, If the manager is telling people to go somewhere else if they are not happy with the service that doesn't do alot for McDonalds image

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