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My complaint:

My wife and I went through the drive through today at the above McDonald’s at about 2:30pm
on 080220. We ordered 2 ice cream sundays.
At the payment window we were told that the ice cream machine was out of order. Now, we have
been to this location at least 7 times in the last
3 months and was given the same out of order
excuse. I asked an employee of this location
anonymously why no ice cream. She told me
they do not like cleaning machine so they shut it

To make matters even worse I asked for the manager today and I informed her of what I
I had been told by an employee and her
Reply was a nasty Well your opinion doesnt matter anyway. Then slammed the drive through
Window shut in my face. I can only identify her
as the Manager on duty at 2:30pm on 080220.
She was a black lady. She was the nastiest manager I ever dealt with from McDonald’s.
You need to find another position for her away
from the general public. So, my issues are:

1. You advertise ice cream in Elyria but never
have it

2. You have a nasty manager you need to replace.

I doubt I will be a McDonald’s customer much
Longer without an apology and satisfaction.
William Griesser
675 Weller Rd.
Elyria, Ohio 44035
Ph 216 926 8814

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Justified complaint?

Suggested solution:

1. Apology
2. Replace nasty manager

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