Complaint: Manager Was Rude

on 23 February 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Good Evening,
I hope this message is read by someone who truly cares about their customers being satisfied. Being that there is a Mcds at nearly every corner when a customer decides to bring their service to the same Mcds for nearly their whole life they should be appreciated and welcomed. I can say I visit Mcds more than I should and I have never experienced the kind of service by a MANAGER that I experienced today. An employee from store 605 on 7045 Van Nuys Blvd clearly should not be a manager because even I know the policies and ketchup is not a condiment that has to be charged when a customer is spending over $50! I asked this individual for 3 ketchup packets and 3 hot sauce packets and she said she had to charge me! How ridiculous is this. I would understand ranch or bbq but ketchup!!! Not to mention this location was out of toys and my son wanted a toy with his happy meal. Instead of offering me something in replacement for the toy she has the audacity to want to charge me for ketchup and hot sauce. I asked for the supervisors name and phone number and she refused to provide me with the information luckily I myself was a manager for MCDS and I understand the policies very well. Sr please send this lady back to management classes, she is not in the best interest for your business. I was asked to park but I told her I was in a hurry she did not tell me how long I would need to park for she said I needed to because of the timer. Having worked as a manager for Mcds I know the timer is very important and as a manager it is your job to get the customer the food within that time frame. You do not tell a customer that you are worried about your timer.
I myself own two companies and I will never come back here. Thank you!

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General manager needs to send her back to management classes and she needs to learn that if a customer pays over $50 for food that customer does not need to be charged for 3 ketchup packets! 3 hot sauce packets! Since when does Mcds charge for ketchup?
Not to mention they didn’t have toys for the happy meal and my son wanted his toy!

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