Complaint: 20 minute wait for NOTHING

on 01 September 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Pulled in Drive Thru ordered 2 unsweet teas, tried to order a mocha was told that they could not make mochas today, so instead I tried to ordered a milkshake I was then told again we can not make that either so I pulled to the first window paid my 2 dollars for my 2 teas and there I sat at the first window for 20 minutes and yes I do mean 20 actual minutes to get from the first window to the second window. Upon getting to the second window I am told sorry we don’t have any unsweet tea and we will not have any more because we don’t make any more tea for the day after 4:30pm. I asked for a refund this pissed off the manager on duty because she had to give me my money back to make matters worse she didn’t ever refund me the right amount she only gave me a dollar back when I ordered 2 tea so I knocked on the window and asked for the rest of my refund and once again she throw a fit. Got my money and left by far the worst experience at any McDonalds ever!!!!

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They need to get there machines fixed, they need to have tea all day and If feel I deserve some kind of compensation for my lost time and the managers rudeness

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