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My complaint:

My daughter myself and granddaughter went in on 582022 at approximately 7:45 PM and ordered my daughter asked for a 12 spud and soup the girl at the counter said they were out of spuds so my daughter ordered my granddaughters Mac and cheese and I ordered the club and fresh fruit and peach sweet tea. My daughter told the girl she would have the exact same as I ordered when they brought out the food it was the kids MAc and cheese and my sandwich The guy asked if we needed anything else we said yes my daughters club and fruit. He said only one was on the ticket. We said we ordered another just the same. He said they would get it taken care of well 25 min passed And nothing, so the girl that took the order came to clean a table and I said where is her sandwich she said I don’t know, the guy came back and said sorry we got busy it will be out shortly,15-20 mins passed and still nothing my daughter went to the counter and got a refill and said forget it it’s getting late and he said it hasn’t been made. We went to walk out and he came out toward the door and said it didn’t get put in the window to be sent out. We said forget it and we walked out.

Suggested solution:

They need to be better at their customer service and get their food out in a timely manner.

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