Complaint: Keep stopping my card without warning

on 09 November 2020 about Mastercard in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

On 4 occasions this month Mastercard have stopped or declined my card without calling, texting or emailing me. The only thing I am able to do is call the fraud Dept on 0370 333 9091. Each time I have to call the wait in a holding queue for up 30 minutes – today it was over 36 minutes. When I did get through the Spanish gentleman told me he could see notes on my account but had to direct me to another Fraud Dept. I then had to wait another 11 minutes in the queue. When I did get through they verified me by asking me questions and sent a number code by text to verify it was me. I was then asked about 2 transactions. I said they were my transactions. But I asked why I had had my card declined and also replaced due to non bogus calls and more importantly why they didn’t text, email or call me to verify the spending rather that yet again cut off my card and leave me to have to go through again a long and protracted way to contact them. They couldn’t tell me. But said my card would be ok now. I then asked to be put through to make a complaint as I no longer have any confidence in using the card for fear that for no reason my card will be declined. I had to wait again for over 20 minutes when then I was cut off!!!

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Someone should call me to apologise and explain why when I have made significant purchases for several years totalling on average more than £7,000 per month - each time paid off in full - that I am being victimised so much. The sites I am visiting are household names like Tesco, the AA, Sainsburys, Amazon and the like. In these times of lockdown I have no option BUT TO BUY ONLINE surely a simpler and much, much quicker way of verifying the transactions MUST BE BEOUGHT ABOUT as I am not the only one in this situation.

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Timothy J Holzer
Timothy J Holzer (@guest_2460)
1 month ago

I have had almost the same problem. For the last five months, I have been making installment payments of around USD 600 per month. Then for no reason at all the card charge was not accepted for the December billing. I have made seven international calls to Comerica Bank (Direct Express) to resolve the problem. Four times I have been told it’s ok now, you are now “whitelisted.” Still it does not work. Direct Express tells me that I can go to their ATMs, but that MasterCard has blocked the use of my debit card. No one know why. I… Read more »