Complaint: Reference Number 1685209

on 13 March 2022 about Marks and Spencer in category Retail Company

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My complaint:

I recently contacted your complaints department as I was most concerned and upset at the treatment I received from one of your managers (I think his name is Andy Curtis) at your Longwell Green, Bristol Branch.
I asked to see him to see if he could help me over a delivery date that was a mistake when I ordered a Gilet. I was most surprised at his ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude even though I accept perhaps he was unable to do anything and as he said it was human error. I would have left it there just being very disappointed at not receiving the courtesy usually associated with M and S but he then looked at me and said ‘my best friends son has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, that is a real problem’. I was absolutely stunned as this is not a professional attitude and although I accept that my problem is not in the same class surely he should not be using other problems when dealing with customers. I would also like to add that what he did not know, and I would never have dreamed of saying so, is my husband had that week himself been diagnosed with cancer and the present was for him. I am 80 years old and have never had cause to complain before. In fact during the pandemic I have been very pleased and grateful to the ladies at your tills and I have often told them so.

I made this complaint nearly three weeks ago and an acknowledgement that this way of treating customers is not acceptable would be appreciated.

Suggested solution:

As I said an acknowledgement that this behaviour is not correct and that at least as word with this manager has taken place so that other customers do not receive the same treatment.

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