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My complaint:

My pizza was supposed to have been at my door at 8:05 pm, est. It took over 30 before I got it. When she finally get here she knocks on the room beside me. That’s How I figured it was probably her. The ticket had my name, address, room number and everything. If I had not gone to the door and open it she was on her way back upfront. I stay at a hotel, motel 6. They have delivered to me many of times and this has never happened. There is no way in that much time walking this way and not see 106 just as big as day. And the pizza was Luke warm. It was raining pretty bad outside and she was carrying it.🤷

Suggested solution:

By giving me replacement pizza of same size and ingredients would be nice as long as they come to the correct room. Or a refund on my card. This should not have happened. How could she not see 106 clearly when it was right there? She even looked again when I came and open the door she looked again but was still on her way back upfront. WOW!

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